The Usos weren't involved in the WWE Draft because there are no creative plans for them

Jimmy and Jey Uso

This week in WWE saw a new tag team rise to the top of the division on Monday Night Raw, and their name are the Viking Raiders.

War Machine, War Raiders, Hanson and Rowe, whatever you want to call them aside from the name Vince McMahon has placed upon them, have been utterly impressive since their debut on NXT and their rise to the main roster.

It's actually not been long since they graduated from participating in squash matches on Raw, but after defeating Gallows and Anderson multiple times, they finally got a shot at the Raw Tag Titles this past week.

They defeated champions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode in a non-title match the week before, and the same result occurred in Denver this week, as Erik and Ivar walked away as new champions.

Their new title reign brings up a plethora of potential new match-ups.

They could end up facing the Street Profits, who were drafted to Raw, and a team that went undrafted and as of now haven't been picked up despite being heavily promoted recently, in the form of AOP.

The Usos haven't been seen on WWE television since late July

One tag team that seems to have disappeared lately is one of the greatest duo's of the 2000s - The Usos.

Twin brothers Jimmy and Jey have been off the road since just after Jimmy's arrest in July for a DUI charge, their last match coming on the July 29 episode of Raw which was four days after he was taken into custody.

Due to both Usos' criminal records, neither were reportedly allowed to enter Canada for SummerSlam, and haven't appeared on television since.

And according to Dave Meltzer, there is currently no plans to bring them, or Jimmy's wife Naomi, back to Raw or SmackDown anytime soon.

Along with The Usos, Jimmy's wife Naomi is also currently inactive due to WWE's creative plans

This will be why none of the three were eligible to be drafted in the WWE Draft this past week - there's simply no plans coming from the creative team for them.

It's unlikely that this is a Vince McMahon punishment, considering he gave them the SmackDown Tag Titles in February just days after Jimmy's arrest in Detroit for 'obstructing the justice'.

If WWE can't make some creative plans for a world class tag team, especially when the slate has essentially been wiped clean with the new brand split, then all hope is surely lost for them.

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