FIFA 20: EA Sports release a major patch to fix the games 'unplayable' Career Mode


FIFA 20 didn't get a great reception upon release last month. 

The hashtag 'FixCareerMode' was trending worldwide on Twitter from day one, with fans voicing their frustrations about one of the most popular game modes. 

It seems they had a lot to be angry about, with multiple bugs reported by a thread of players. 

Many of the issues surround AI team selections, with top clubs appearing to select reserves and youth players throughout the season.

That led to some gamers seeing the top six teams in the bottom half of the table, or even in the relegation zone, as they simulated their seasons.

Inexplicably, one fan even posted a screenshot of the Premier League table in his Career Mode and Liverpool were top with 149 points having played 74 games. 

Some of the problems were inexcusable and EA Sports were quick to release a statement.

"Let me say that the team is aware and prioritising fixes for this area and have been successful in identifying some of the issues," FIFA 20's Corey Andress said at the time, per Goal

Some of the issues made the game unplayable

Fans will be glad to know that EA have been good to their word and on Tuesday, released a patch that addresses and fixes all the following Career Mode bugs: 

  • Sometimes opposing AI controlled teams were fielding weaker lineups in inappropriate situations.
  • Situation where the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League wouldn't take place during the season.
  • Managers were sometimes getting fired despite having very good records.
  • Various fixes to the questions being asked in press conferences.
  • The Carabao Cup was incorrectly going to extra time in the Semi-Finals instead of directly to penalty kicks.
  • Indicator that shows which team is controlled by the player was missing from some screens.
  • Corrected some issues with which teams were qualifying for various stages of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.
  • Transfers that included both a transfer fee and a player exchange do not reflect the player exchange in the associated Transfer News.
  • There was no email notification of receiving Sell-On Clause revenue.
  • The Transactions screen was not properly reflecting the amount that was paid out from a Sell-On Fee following the transfer of an applicable player.
  • Shortcut to Inbox was not correctly displaying on Press Conference days.
  • Recently signed youth players were requesting playtime too often.
  • Various issues related to News articles.
  • Various text issues impacting Liga 1. 
FIFA 20 Career Mode has now been patched

That's a lot of fixes. But it's something that wouldn't have needed to be done if FIFA 20 wasn't so broken upon release. 

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