Alicia Fox's profile moved to 'Alumni' - meaning she's likely finished with wrestling

Alicia Fox

One of WWE's longest-serving female superstars looks like she is done with the company for good.

Having debuted on the main roster in 2008, Alicia Fox is an 11-year veteran in WWE, yet she hasn't done an awful lot in the ring that has come with success.

She is a one-time Divas Champion, having captured the title in June 2010 from Maryse, but only went through a 56 day reign before losing it to Melina.

Perhaps her best feature in the ring was her Northern Lights Suplex, which genuinely may have been one of the best in the business.

But with no other real memorable career highlights inside the squared circle, she may be regrettably more known for out of the ring angles, and unfortunately more recently some incidents away from the ring.

Fox's very first angle as a WWE employee was to be involved in a storyline with Hall of Famer Edge in 2008, where she was his 'wedding planner' - that all ended awry with Triple H 'revealing' the two to be having an affair.

Alicia Fox's first WWE storyline was her being Edge's 'wedding planner' - which led to an affair

Fox feuded with pretty much every woman that ever appeared on the main roster in her career, such is the length of time that she's been active, but she hasn't been in the ring since April, her last match being a loss partnering Tamina against The IIconics.

Two incidents in the last 18 months though have seen her in hot water with WWE.

A video over WrestleMania 34 weekend last year showed Fox in an argument with the husband of Ronda Rousey - UFC fighter Travis Browne - and then earlier this year she turned up to a live event intoxicated.

The latter was something that led to legendary wrestler Arn Anderson being fired from his producer role due to letting Fox compete whilst drunk, and she's only wrestled twice since that night in February.

Fox's last in-ring appearance came six months ago.

She was last seen on screen during Raw Reunion in July backstage with other women who were no longer wrestlers, which was maybe a sign three months ago that she had finished up with wrestling.

And now that her profile on has been moved to the 'Alumni' section, that is a pretty clear indication that she's left the company.

There may one day be a place for Fox backstage in WWE, but considering she's got a healthy following on social media she may be able to successfully branch out into other projects away from sports entertainment.

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