Zlatan Ibrahimovic promised Romelu Lukaku £50 for every good first touch


Zlatan Ibrahimovic has warned Inter Milan not to “expect good technique” from Romelu Lukaku.

Lukaku has often been mocked throughout his career for his poor first touch and lack of technique.

While that criticism comes mostly from fans, it seems a former teammate has the same opinion.

In fact, Ibrahimovic has revealed an outrageous bet that he made with Lukaku while at Manchester United.

“I will say this on Romelu: don’t expect good technique from Lukaku, but his best strength is sheer power. If only he’d listened to me,” Zlatan said, per Football Italia.

At Manchester United, we made a bet: ‘I’ll give you £50 for every decent first touch you make.’ He replied: ‘What do I win if I get them all right?’

“I told him nothing, he would simply become a better player.


"For the record, he never accepted the bet! Perhaps he was afraid of losing…Joking aside, Lukaku has this mad hunger to prove himself to the world and I’m sure he will do well at Inter too.”

Brilliant and brutal at the same time.


Poor technique isn't something you can level at Zlatan.

The 38-year-old is set to play his final match for LA Galaxy this weekend and he’s hinted that he’s interested in moving back to Italy - and has even suggested Napoli could be the ideal place for him.

“I appreciated the recent documentary about Diego Maradona and nobody was like him," Zlatan admitted. "Seeing the love that the city had for him, it makes me feel like I’d enjoy an experience at Napoli: it’d be fantastic to replicate what Diego did there.

“I’m not saying I will go there, as the final decision depends on many aspects, that that is a fanbase that creates enthusiasm. With me in the team, the San Paolo would be packed every Sunday. Plus there’s Carlo Ancelotti, one of the greats.”

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