Three WWE superstars that would be the perfect final member of Team Flair for Crown Jewel


On Monday Night Raw this week, Ric Flair will name the final member of his team for the 10-man tag team match of Team Hulk Hogan vs Team Ric Flair at Crown Jewel on October 31.

Ric Flair will announce the final superstar who will be joining Randy Orton (captain), 'King' Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Shinsuke Nakamura on Team Flair on Raw on Monday.

This team will go against Hulk Hogan's Team Hogan at Crown Jewel on Halloween. Hogan's team consists of Roman Reigns (captain), Ali, Rusev, Ricochet, and Shorty Gable.

While we'll have to wait until Monday night to find out who The Nature Boy will pick as the final member of his team, we can speculate as to who it might be.

Here are three superstars that could be the final member of Team Flair at Crown Jewel.



The most likely superstar to be the final member of Team Flair is Andrade.

Not only is he dating The Nature Boy's daughter, Charlotte Flair, but WWE has already told the fans he's going to be a major of part Raw moving forward after he was selected in the first round of the WWE Draft by Raw last Monday.

If WWE is pushing Andrade, there's a good chance he's pushed as a heel as the red brand lacks top heels. Since Flair's team is filled with heels, and since the former NXT Champion isn't currently booked for Crown Jewel, there's a good chance he joins Team Flair.

John Morrison


Out of all three picks, John Morrison being the final member of Team Flair is the unlikeliest to happen, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Over recent weeks, the former ECW Champion has been heavily linked with WWE, with some reports even suggesting he's signed a new deal with the promotion after eight years away.

The contract between Morrison and WWE was reportedly signed at the end of September, but neither side has confirmed it. That could all change on Monday and Crown Jewel could be when we see him back wrestling in a WWE ring for the first time in years.

Drew McIntyre


Another superstar that could be named as the final member of Team Flair on Raw is Drew McIntyre.

Like Andrade, McIntyre has the first round draft pedigree and the heel characteristics that would make him the perfect fit for Team Flair. He too is not currently booked for any match at Crown Jewel.

The only roadblock that could hold The Scottish Psychopath back is his injury. He's recently been out of action due to an injury, but the specifics around it are unclear. If he's cleared to compete, he would be a great addition to Team Flair.

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