Roy Keane's reaction to Manchester United and Liverpool players hugging before the match

Manchester United v Liverpool FC - Premier League

Roy Keane was in fine form in the Sky Sports studio yesterday as Manchester United drew 1-1 with Liverpool.

Alongside Jose Mourinho and Graeme Souness, Keane produced some brilliant one-liners that had us all laughing.

When suggesting United should go and sign Harry Kane he said: “Go and get Kane. Just go and get Kane from Spurs. Easy.”

After Gary Neville, presenter David Jones, Mourinho and Souness just looked at him without saying a word, Keane responded with: “What are you all staring at?”


In fact, even before the match had kicked-off, Keane reacted in typically brilliant style when he saw United and Liverpool players hugging in the tunnel just as they were about to walk out.

Of course, Keane is remembered for that infamous tunnel bust-up at Highbury with Patrick Vieira before a clash between Arsenal and United in 2005.

So when Brazilian players Fabinho, Roberto Firmino, Fred and Andreas Perreira embraced minutes before kick-off, Keane wasn’t impressed.

"You're going to war. Hugging, kissing - don't even look at them," Keane said in disgust.

Jones then asked: "Hasn't the game changed?"


Keane replied: "The game hasn't changed that much, the players have changed, the players have changed.

"You're going to war and you're hugging each other. Chat to them after the game - or maybe not even chat to them."

Manchester United v Liverpool FC - Premier League


Never change, Keane.

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