Jadon Sancho's FIFA Ultimate Team is ridiculously good

Jadon Sancho's FIFA Ultimate Team is unreal

Footballers have a lot more time on their hands than ordinary people.

Other than playing football matches once or twice a week and training for a couple of hours a day, footballers find themselves resting more than they do working.

As a result, many use their free time playing video games such as FIFA.

And if you're lucky, you may get matched up against a professional.

Just a few days ago, one FIFA player got lucky and played against Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold.

He posted the right-back's team on Reddit and, as you can imagine, it was pretty special.

And now, just a few days later, one FIFA fan got the privilege of playing England's rising star Jadon Sancho.

Sancho also has a special team but it's arguably even better than his England teammate's.

EA Sports give professional footballers their own 99-rated personal player to encourage them to play the game.

Jadon Sancho in action for Dortmund

As well as his own card, Sancho has three of the best Icons in the game: Pele (95), Ronaldo (94) and Ronaldinho (91).

And the rest of his team comprises of some of the best players in the Premier League.

He has two in-forms: James Maddison (82) and Alexander-Arnold (85), as well as N'Golo Kante  (89) marshalling the midfield.

FIFA is a popular game among footballers

And he has two extremely solid centre-back's and one of the best goalkeepers in the game: Aymeric Laporte (87), Virgil van Dijk (90) and Alisson Becker (89).

The only problem of his team appears to be down the left-hand side. He has Ronaldinho playing out of position at left-midfield, while he has Danny Rose (80) at left-back.

But overall it's a very solid team. View it below:


The overall team rating is 89 while he also has 100 chemistry. Oh, and he also has Frank Lampard as manager.

FIFA 20 has only been out for roughly a month but Sancho's team is something special.

It's fair to say he may have spent a bit of his own money on his side but, nevertheless, what a team.

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