Patrice Evra says James Milner, not Lionel Messi, was his most difficult opponent

Patrice Evra names James Milner as his toughest opponent

Patrice Evra was fantastic on Monday Night Football yesterday.

The Frenchman was in the Sky Sports studios for Sheffield United's 1-0 victory over Arsenal at Bramall Lane.

Afterwards he spoke about a variety of topics, including racism and just how bad Arsenal were.

During a Q&A session towards the end of the show, Evra was asked who his toughest opponent was during his career.

Evra played against a number of the world's top players while at Manchester United and Juventus, including a certain Lionel Messi.

However, the Frenchman insisted that Messi was not his toughest, even saying he could 'deal' with him.

"I played against Messi many times," he said. "In the wide position, I wouldn't say he's easy to mark but I could deal with him.

"When he goes more central - that's when he's more dangerous because he can turn on the right and left."

So, if it's not Messi, who could his toughest opponent have been?

James Milner and Patrice Evra during England vs France

Evra actually named James Milner as the toughest.

"James Milner, because he would frustrate me," he said. "I am an attacking defender and he would follow me everywhere, he would challenge me in the air.

"Sometimes I would say to him 'just go and attack - leave me alone!'. When I was playing the derby against Manchester City I had him, then he went to Liverpool and I came up against him again.

"So for me, the one who frustrated me the most was James Milner."

That's not the first time one of the world's top full-backs named Milner as their toughest opponent.

Dani Alves has been at the top of world football since signing for Barcelona in 2008 but he too commented how hard it was to play the Englishman.

"I have faced many, but the most annoying was James Milner," he told The Times in 2016, per Goal.

"He follows you forward and follows you backwards. It’s very difficult because he attacks you and defends you, and then attacks you and defends you again."

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