Ric Flair cuts an epic promo on Raw to reveal fifth member of Team Flair

Ric Flair

It's never a dull moment when Ric Flair shows up in a WWE ring - ever!

It could be classed a miracle that the wrestling legend is still with us nowadays considering the various health problems he's had, but he never has a problem showing up and entertaining the WWE Universe.

He's been on our screens a lot more in recent weeks though, as both he and Hulk Hogan are flying out to Saudi Arabia next week for Crown Jewel.

Thankfully though, neither men are actually wrestling at their age - although Hogan has had thoughts and talks about maybe returning for one more match at WrestleMania 36.

Flair and Hogan will manage a team of five superstars each, and the winner will presumably just receive the bragging rights of being victorious.

Whilst the Hulkster had already named his five men before Raw was on the air last night, Flair was appearing in Cleveland especially to announce his final pick.

And in typical Flair fashion, it seemed as though he may have consumed a few alcoholic beverages before he made his way to the ring.

He was noticeably slurring his words, and he even spent time telling a fan that he 'used to know their mother' - whatever that means...

Flair also mocked the home-town NFL team Cleveland Browns [with a number of their players sitting ringside] and when he introduced Drew McIntyre as the final member of Team Flair, he was stumbling over his words again.

Ric Flair introduced Drew McIntyre as the fifth and final member of Team Flair

Whilst it's always nice to see Flair still doings things for WWE, perhaps he needs to lay off the bottle just a tad before he picks up a microphone!

One would think he may struggle at Crown Jewel considering Saudi Arabia is a dry country, which means we may see a very different Flair to the one we are used to seeing on WWE television in 2019.

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