WWE fans left unimpressed with Cain Velasquez's wrestling and punches on Raw

Cain Velasquez locks in a Sleeperhold on Shelton Benjamin

When it comes to superstars earning a world title shot in WWE, their newest full-time signing might have gained theirs the quickest in history.

After appearing on SmackDown's first FOX episode at the beginning of the month, Cain Velasquez signed on the dotted line with WWE, and subsequently retired from UFC competition.

The former heavyweight champion of the world will be facing Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel in nine days time - Lesnar being the man that Velasquez defeated for the UFC title back in October 2010.

It's clear to see what narrative WWE were going to push long before a promo was cut or a press conference was held, but it was perhaps surprising to see that Velasquez was getting a title shot without even competing in a match.

It doesn't make much sense and fans have been very vocal about it, but he's unlikely to win in Saudi Arabia, however the good thing is he won't be departing straight after as he's signed a multi-year deal.

Aside from his first altercation with Lesnar, we haven't seen Velasquez get physical with anyone, but on Raw last night he came to the aid of Rey Mysterio, who was being tormented by Lesnar's friend, Shelton Benjamin.

The pop Velasquez got from appearing though soon dissipated when he started brawling with Benjamin.

Just like Tyson Fury's punches during his encounter with Braun Strowman, Velasquez's didn't connect with Benjamin at all, showing that he's got a lot of work to do on his 'worked punches'.

Cain Velasquez got physical with Shelton Benjamin on Raw last night

The crowd in Cleveland just went very flat when Velasquez got to business, which is a worrying sign when WWE have probably paid him a lot of money to be there.

There's still time for him to gain better reactions, but you could tell that the WWE Universe weren't buying into his moves and hits.

Anyone that saw Cain's highlights from his two matches in Lucha Libre AAA though know he is athletic and can perform far better moves than what he's done so far, so let's give him some time to adapt to the WWE style and see how he gets on against Lesnar.

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