Ferrari have been accused of cheating by fellow Formula One teams

F1 Grand Prix of Japan

There has been quite a stir within the world of Formula 1 this week as an unnamed rival of Ferrari has made a claim that the manufacture cheats and that the FIA are aware of it.

"The absurd advantage is impossible to accomplish legally because the technology is already very well developed.

"Ferrari cheats and the FIA knows it. But it doesn't matter, because it would be a huge scandal," the unnamed rival stated, as per Wheels24.

Despite Toto Wolff's Mercedes recording a sixth successive constructors' title victory, the CEO of the team has revealed that he is slightly suspicious of Ferrari's engine, labelling the power produced by the car as 'ridiculous'. 

Furthermore, ever since the summer break, Ferrari have managed to top qualifying at the last five races and eventually going on to win three of them, which has raised some eyebrows amongst Ferrari's rivals. 

One particular theory regarding the significant improvement of the Ferrari car is that a 'controlled leak' occurs where a minor amount of oil enters the combustion process within the engine and, in turn, provides the car with a short burst of power at key moments. 

Ferrari's rivals, although they have not been identified, have contacted the FIA regarding their suspicions. However, the leading organisation is yet to respond to these allegations which have led other manufacturers to believe that the FIA are aware of Ferrari's activities. 

F1 Grand Prix of Japan

However, regardless of Ferrari's alleged efforts to gain an advantage on the track, it's too little too late for the Italian manufacturer, with Mercedes securing the constructors' title in Japan last weekend. 

Nevertheless, this sudden improvement in recent races may provide an element of anxiety for Wolff and Mercedes ahead of next season, as Ferrari may look to end the German manufacturers' reign as the kings of F1. 

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