Six WWE superstars that could win Crown Jewel's Battle Royal and face AJ Styles for the US title


WWE has added two new matches to their Crown Jewel event, which is set to take place in Saudi Arabia on October 31.

WWE confirmed that Crown Jewel will now play host to a 20-man Battle Royal that will determine which superstar will be the next challenger for AJ Styles’ United States Championship.

The winner of this match will face The Phenomenal One for the United States title on the same night, meaning they will have their work cut out for them with double duty.

WWE only has over a week until the Crown Jewel event takes place, so superstars will likely be announced for the Battle Royal over the next SmackDown and Raw shows.

Here are six superstars that could be booked to win Crown Jewel's Battle Royal and face Styles for the United States Championship on Halloween.



There's a good chance Andrade will win the Battle Royal at Crown Jewel and face Styles for the United States title as WWE has told the fans they're invested in him.

WWE has already told the fans he's going to be a major of part Raw moving forward after he was selected in the first round of the WWE Draft by the red brand. He's been featured on every Raw since.

If WWE is pushing Andrade, there's a good chance he's pushed as a heel as the red brand lacks top heels, and dethroning The Phenomenal One would be a big statement in his favour to get his push off to a strong start.

Buddy Murphy


Buddy Murphy is another superstar who may get his opportunity to shine at Crown Jewel in a United States Championship match vs Styles.

Hardcore fans knew of Murphy's ability in the ring, but everyone saw what he can do when he faced Roman Reigns in a mini-feud back in August. Even The Big Dog praised his work inside the squared circle.

If given a shot, he can be a star. Hopefully, he'll get a shot at the United States title to put him on the path towards being a top guy on the red brand.



R-Truth is another superstar who could be put in a United States title match vs The Phenomenal One at Crown Jewel thanks to the entertainment factor he provides.

Ever since its introduction, Truth has been providing laughter to WWE fans with his segments involving the 24/7 Championship, and that should continue at Crown Jewel.

He should be in the Battle Royal match, but if WWE wants to go one further and recognise Truth for his work with the 24/7 title over the past couple of months, a good way to reward him would be a United States title match vs Styles.

Humberto Carrillo


Humberto Carrillo got his big break in WWE this week on Raw, and it could lead to bigger opportunities for him down the line, possibly even as soon as Crown Jewel.

After hardly being noticed on 205 Live, Carrillo received high praise from the WWE Universe for his match against Seth Rollins on Raw this week, his first appearance on the brand since being drafted.

He shined throughout the match on Raw, and if WWE officials noticed his in-ring work too, he deserves another shot to impress at Crown Jewel against The Phenomenal One for the United States title.



The next two superstars are more wildcards, but Sheamus would be a great opponent to face Styles for the United States Championship at Crown Jewel.

The Celtic Warrior hasn't had a match for WWE since April due to concussion issues, and at one point, there were reports that he would never wrestle for the company again due to ongoing injury issues.

However, recent reports have suggested those injury concerns are in the past and that he's waiting to come back into the WWE frame. A big return at Crown Jewel could be the perfect spot.

John Morrison


John Morrison winning the Battle Royal and challenging Styles for the United States title at Crown Jewel is unlikely to happen, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Over recent weeks, the former ECW Champion has been heavily linked with WWE, with some reports even suggesting he's signed a new deal with the promotion after eight years away.

It is yet to be confirmed by either party, but a contract between Morrison and WWE was reportedly signed at the end of September. Crown Jewel could be when we see him back wrestling in a WWE ring for the first time in years.

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