CM Punk thinks there's still a spot for him in today's pro wrestling

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CM Punk has been heavily linked with WWE over recent months due to their deal with Fox despite the fact he hasn't wrestled since he was last with them in 2014.

Whether it be with WWE or AEW, there are many wrestling fans that believe Punk will return to the ring once more in the near future even though he announced his retirement from wrestling five years ago.

Speaking on 31 Thoughts: The Podcast, the former WWE Champion spoke about his spot in the current wrestling amid the reports of him returning to WWE.

He said, via Post Wrestling: "Looking at it objectively and trying to put myself in somebody’s shoes, yeah, I absolutely think there could be. Just knowing how many people that they hired to micromanage everything and have agents and producers and this, this, that.

"I think the best thing I was ever at; my greatest tool was my mind because I was never the most athletic, I certainly wasn’t the biggest. I imagine myself in baseball terms as a ‘five-tool player’ but I just tried to tell the best stories and use my brain.”

Putting his wrestling mind to use, Punk mentioned that he wished more wrestlers in WWE stepped outside the box when it comes to their entrances and presentation.

He said: “I don’t know if anybody is bold enough to do things outside of the box because if you do that it has to be good.

"You can go out there and instead of doing what everybody else does where they walk out to the top of the ramp, pose, they walk halfway down the ramp and pose, they get to the bottom of the ramp and pose, and then to steps and they pose, and everyone gets on the ropes and they pose, and they get in the ring, face the hard camera, and dance or do their pose; it’s like just ‘yeah, I get it.’


"Why isn’t there anybody going, ‘everybody is doing that I’m not going to.’ It would get everyone in that building (going) ‘Hmm, that’s different.’

"Whether they know it or not it’s subconscious. But if you step outside that box you have to be confident enough in your abilities to know what you’re doing is good because if it isn’t good, you’re in trouble. If it’s good, no problem.”

It's clear to see Punk still has a lot to offer wrestling, even if it means he never steps foot inside the squared circle again for another match.

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