WWE 2K20 is being slammed for its horrific glitches and bugs

A malfunctioned Becky Lynch in WWE 2K20

The latest edition of 2K's WWE series of games was officially released this week - and the feedback for it has not been great at all.

For the first time in its existence, 2K's Visual Concepts solely produced the game, with long-time developer Yuke's splitting away from the franchise.

It's thought that they are developing their own wrestling game, and you can really tell that the new 2K20 game is lacking a lot with Yuke's now no longer involved in the process.

The amount of complaints and bugs that have been broadcasted on social media is absolutely staggering, and the problems are so bad that #FixWWE2K20 was trending WORLDWIDE on Twitter on Tuesday, which was the release date.

So lets look at some of the bugs, shall we?

Firstly, you're seemingly able to win a Money In The Bank match by pin-fall, as Kevin Owens does in the video below.

That obviously should not be happening, as a Money In The Bank match requires someone to climb the ladder and pull down a briefcase.

It's a simple change that needs to be made, but some of the other instances of broken mechanics in the game are quite frankly unbelievable.

The clip below of Ronda Rousey glitching out in-game has received nearly 2,000 likes from Twitter users, and the video also shows the ring ropes malfunctioning and both the referee and Dakota Kai moving extremely weirdly with their legs not working properly.

It isn't just the gameplay that's broken either - the editing of superstars is also incredibly bugged, as this image of Rey Mysterio with his mask dissolved into his face shows.

Rey Mysterio incredibly glitched in WWE 2K20

And how scary does Becky Lynch look in the image at the top of the article? In general superstar faces have been criticised, including The Rock who looks nothing like he does in previous games.

The Rock looks entirely different in 2K20 than he does in previous games

And finally, this scene of Charlotte Flair winning the Divas Championship in Showcase Mode is ruined by a referee glitch and the fact that Flair herself goes through the referee.

It's all incredibly game-breaking - but fear not, as there should be a patch coming in the near future, one that is desperately needed.

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