Kimi Raikkonen weighs in on Lewis Hamilton’s opinionated social media posts

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen has added his opinion surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s recent comments on veganism and climate change.

Hamilton has faced a strong backlash and debate on social media and amongst his fellow drivers with claims after the Japanese Grand Prix that veganism was 'the only way to truly save the planet'.

Some drivers, including Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso, have responded strongly. During a recent interview, a smiling Verstappen was quoted saying: “I like to burn fuel, can I say that?"

However, Raikkonen, who is also known as the “Ice Man”, seems to have taken a more supportive stance, but is struggling to completely agree with everything Hamilton has said.

Raikkonen, when asked about the current state of Formula One and the environment, replied: “Everyone tries to do their thing to help, but I guess as Formula One drivers, our starting point is not the best, I mean we are here burning fuel - and why? To decide who is finishing in first, second or third."

Raikkonen does, however, seem to agree with Hamilton’s view on the message of climate change and racing as a whole.

He adds: “I think in general, Formula One should do more. It’s a worldwide operating platform, if the whole world would act like that, then it would make a huge difference."


Despite the initial controversy, the message of climate change does seem to be filtering through. During yesterday’s FIA press conference for the Mexican Grand Prix on Sunday, the usual discussion of tyres and teams was replaced with environmentalism. In which, Hamilton said: “I’m trying to make sure by the end of the year I’m carbon neutral”.

With Hamilton’s 12.7 million followers on Instagram, and worldwide popularity, it will be interesting to see which viewpoint drivers, commentators and fans will take as the heat on saving the planet continues to rise.

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