Mako Vunipola discusses England's response to New Zealand's haka

England v New Zealand - Rugby World Cup 2019: Semi-Final

Mako Vunipola has heaped praise upon Eddie Jones after he revealed that it was his masterplan that unnerved the All Blacks during the Haka.

Before England booked their place in the Rugby World Cup final, they had to face the infamous New Zealand, but they tried to make sure they won before the first kick of the game.

Jones' men came out against the All Blacks in a threatening and combative V formation in attempt to intimidate their fierce opponents.

It seemed to have done its job initially, with England going in the lead after just 96 seconds with Manu Tuilagi onrushing past to score the opening try.

Vunipola came out to reveal that it was Jones who had the idea which played a significant role in demoralising the All Blacks.

"We talked about it as a team, but obviously everything has to get past the boss. He gave us the idea," he said, as per The Sun.

"We wanted to be respectful, but we wanted to also make sure that they understood we would be ready for the fight.

"We just knew that we had to back it up. There have been a few times in the past when the All Blacks have had that done to them and blown the opposition away.

"We put accountability on ourselves to back it up and I thought we did. We knew it would rile them up, it probably felt like we had disrespected them."


The Saracens prop insists that the squad were aware that they needed to match the All Blacks right from the off.

"We knew the All Blacks, when they play a big Test, always start well. We knew they were going to come at us and we had to respond.

"Luckily we have some athletes like Manu who can just dive over like that and make it easy.

England captain Owen Farrell, who was seen standing with a big smirk on his face during the Haka, said: "We wanted to not just stand there and let them come at us.


"We wanted to keep a respectful distance, but we didn't want to just stand in a flat line and let them come at us."

Man of the match Mario Itoje, who was instrumental in the system that dominated the line-out, has insisted that there is a lot left in the tank going into the final.

"If you are in a World Cup final you will find something, even if you have nothing left."

England must now get ready for a Rugby World Cup final meeting with South Africa, who defeated Wales in their semi-final on Sunday.

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