Ten incredible Premier League records that 'will never be broken'

  • Kobe Tong
Watford FC v Southampton FC - Premier League

Football fans have now enjoyed 28 glorious seasons of the Premier League.

Widely considered the most competitive league in world football, England's top division has produced some remarkable goals, games, saves, moments and memories since 1992.

And in turn, there have been a series of records that supporters have been able to keep tabs on, such as Alan Shearer's 260 goals, Petr Cech's 202 clean sheets and Ryan Giggs' 162 assists.

But forget those well-known records for a second because, after Liverpool's record-targeting win streak recently came to an end, the Mirror has looked at 10 that 'will never be broken.'

Considering the twists and turns of the Premier League, it seems a bold statement to make but you could come to agree with them when you see the 10 records in question. Find them below.

1. Smallest title-winning margin

(0 points, 8 goal difference from Man City in 2011/12)

We'll surely never see anything like Sergio Aguero's winner against Queens Park Rangers ever again. For United to miss out by such a minute margin still seems mind-boggling seven years on.


2. Fewest points in a season

(11 points - Derby County in 2007/08)

There's bad and then there's really bad. Derby were an absolute train-wreck during the 2007/08 campaign and we can't envisage another Premier League side registering just one win all season.

Derby County's Scottish forward Kenny Mi

3. Fewest points in a season while winning the league

(75 points - Man Utd in 1996/97)

To put this pitifully low points tally into perspective, both Chelsea and Tottenham were less than five points behind it last season despite finishing third and fourth respectively.

Alex Ferguson

4. Most consecutive games undefeated

(49 games - Arsenal - 7 May 2003 to 24 October 2004)

Bearing in mind Manchester United's treble winners and Pep Guardiola's Manchester City have never even come close to 49 games unbeaten, we feel certain that Arsenal's record is safe forever. 

Arsenal v Leicester City

5. Lowest attendance

(3,039 - Wimbledon 1–3 Everton - Selhurst Park, 26 January 1993)

Perhaps the safest bet on this list, it would take a minuscule team to gain promotion or some sort of protest for less than 3,000 people to watch a game in the world's greatest league.


6. Oldest player

(John Burridge - 43 years and 162 days for Manchester City vs QPR, 14 May 1995)

Thought Brad Friedel, Mark Schwarzer and Teddy Sheringham were old during the backends of their career? Sorry, but they have nothing on the golden oldie that is John Burridge.

John Burridge of Aberdeen

7. Fastest goal

(7.69 seconds - Shane Long for Southampton vs Watford , 23 April 2019)

Considering Ledley King's long-standing record looked almost untouchable, it will be even tougher for somebody to shatter Long's eye-watering romp to goal in less than eight seconds.

Watford FC v Southampton FC - Premier League

8. Fastest Premier League hat-trick

(2 minutes 56 seconds - Sadio Mané for Southampton vs Aston Villa, 16 May 2015)

We'll be spending the next few years computing how Mane even achieved this in 2015, never-mind whether a human being can physically go one better. This is one of the safest records on the list.

Southampton v Aston Villa - Premier League

9. Longest spell as manager

(21 years, 224 days - Arsene Wenger - Arsenal - 1 October 1996 to 13 May 2018)

Managers simply aren't given the same amount of backing as they used to receive and Wenger's record looks unbeatable when even coaches like Guardiola don't stick around for two decades.

Arsenal v Burnley - Premier League

10. Most seasons scored in

(21 - Ryan Giggs - 1992/93 to 2012/13)

They just don't make them like Giggs anymore. Even if this record is unfathomably challenged, you'll have to wait no less than 20 years to even see it happen.

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