Conor McGregor has bottle thrown at him by Dagestani man in Moscow press conference


Conor McGregor showed fans he was more 'ring ready' than people thought when he reacted quickly to a bottle thrown at him by a Dagestani man in a press conference recently.

McGregor has often been outspoken - sometimes causing offence - and never more so than in last year's UFC 229 build-up.

The Irishman unleashed a tirade of verbal abuse towards opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov.

UFC lovers everywhere came to expect the psychological warfare that came with McGregor, he would often try to beat his opponents before they entered the Octagon by taking their focus away from the fight and making things personal.

McGregor continued in this vein at a press conference earlier this week, suggesting that Khabib's father is a 'quivering coward'. Taking aim at his rival's home city, he added: "I wouldn't go to Dagestan to take a s***, and that is the truth."

At a further press conference on Friday (25 October), a Dagestani man was clearly left unimpressed with The Notorious and took matters into his own hands.

The man asked: "Do you remember what you say about Dagestani people yesterday? If you hate Khabib and his team, why do you say bad things about people?"

Conor explained himself, and was caught on video saying: "The disrespect they showed me in the build-up to the fight, they sold items in the grocery with my face on it..."

This prompted the man to respond: "All the people? My father, my brother, you think, are all cowards? Why cowards? My father?! What did he do to you?! My brother, what did he do to you?!"

At this point, a bottle was thrown at the former world champion.

McGregor recently announced he will be making a return to UFC and has a fight scheduled for January 18, 2020. Although, he was his usual self when responding to questions about his opponent, stating: "Ask the UFC because I do not give a f***."

He hasn't been part of the UFC or had his chance inside an Octagon since his defeat against lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in October 2018.

McGregor has on numerous occasions spoken about a potential trilogy fight with Nate Diaz and didn't play down those rumours here. Moreover, he suggested it could be closer than people think.


"I will then look to compete against the winner of the Nate Diaz-Jorge Masvidal for the Bad Motherf***er title.

"Obviously I have history with Nate Diaz, and we are set to make the trilogy bout. I feel Nate will get the better of that one. Then I will seek the Moscow bout.

"Then I will seek the Moscow bout. It will be against the winner of Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

"I can't even say the guy's name, who gives a f*** what the guy's name is. That is the bout we want. We want the bout in Russia."

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