NXT star Jordan Myles slams Vince McMahon and Triple H over controversial t-shirt design

Jordan Myles

The morale in the locker room in NXT must be sky-high right now as they're now over a month into their live, two-hour set-up.

Finn Balor has re-joined the ranks and the 120 minute-long shows have been highly-rated by many.

One superstar we saw make a huge impression a couple of months ago is Jordan Myles, who was known as 'ACH' in Ring Of Honor, Japan and the independent scene.

He competed in the NXT Breakout Tournament that started in June and he ended up winning the whole thing, which set up a match with Adam Cole for the NXT Championship in September.

He was unsuccessful though but put in a good showing, however he's not competed on an episode since.

Myles has caused a huge storm on social media today though, and it's for good reason.

Jordan Myles was the victor in the NXT Breakout Tournament earlier this year

WWE have released a lot of new merchandise with NXT going live and two hours, and an official shirt with Myles' name on looks like it depicts 'blackface', which is a form of theatrical make-up from centuries ago and is seen as highly offensive.

Myles' character smiles a lot and that's probably what the design references, but you can see why he is angry and upset and he's even called out Vince McMahon and Triple H about it.

Even though the shirt has been pulled from sale, Myles is continuing to let his voice be heard on social media.

Triple H and Vince McMahon have come under fire from Jordan Myles

Myles is even going as far as saying the higher-ups in WWE will 'learn to regret' the decision to let it be designed and put on sale, which seems to indicate he's going to take legal action.

Even former WWE star MVP has reached out to Myles to speak to him about what is going on, and you can imagine there's going to be a strong fan backlash over what has transpired.

It's not often you see current superstars publicly lambast huge figures such as McMahon and HHH, but it's happened and it will be very interesting to see the response.

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