Baseball fan takes the most brutal body shot to save two beers

Fan cams continue to capture some of the greatest and funniest moments in crowd history and that is exactly what happened when one man risked it all to save a couple of beers at a recent baseball game.

From funny dances to kiss cams, America have always been able to capture all the best bits from crowd interactions.

This event, though, occurred under neither of those brackets and actually appeared out of miraculous chance.

Given the criminally high price of food and drink at these sporting events, you can completely understand the actions of one man in particular, who provided us with yet another crowd moment to savour.

FOX Sports: MLB released the brilliant moment, on Twitter, when a man went face-to-face, or should we say gut-to-ball, with a home run strike in order to save his two beers.

The fella in question was watching his side Washington Nationals take on Houston Astros in the World Series baseball game yesterday, October 27.

During the game, Astros batter Yordan Alvarez hit a comprehensive home run, causing the ball to fly towards the crowd. Usually in this scenario, the supporters are keen to catch the ball and raise it in one hand to show off their unlikely skills.

But not this man. No, instead, he decided to chest it, clearly too worried about spilling and wasting his beverages. With one in each hand, the fan had no choice but to stand and take a shot to the body.

On impact, the hero clearly felt the impact of the blow. In the slow-motion repeat, you can see him puffing out his cheeks as a result of the pain.

After, he took a moment to put down his precious beers before searching the floor for the memento. He found it and held it high in the air, only to be met with a huge roar from the fellow supporters.

Naturally, he has gone on to feature on all the major news sites and become an internet sensation. We hope that makes the inevitable bruise worth it.

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