'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' sends message to gamers that choose to shoot the baby


The latest 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' title was revealed to have a strong message for players who shoot babies and young children during their campaign mode.

The popular first person shooter’s new addition to the series was launched last Friday globally (October 25) and is available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

The incidents take place on one of the early missions of the game, when your squad is tasked with raiding a London townhouse for terrorist intelligence.

The first scenario is when you open a door and a woman is pleading for her life after being taken hostage by a terrorist. This does play out as a trap, however, and the woman reaches for a weapon, if you let her survive this particular episode.

Another questionable moment takes place in a dark room involving another woman, who instead of reaching for a weapon, goes to protect her baby.

You are given the choice of shooting the mother - this would lead to raised eyebrows and questions among your fellow soldiers, however, one of Captain Price’s squad would pick up the screaming baby and put it back into the cot, allowing you to continue.

If you just leave the mother without shooting either her or the baby, nothing happens.

The debatable third option provided is shooting the baby.

In this instance, this would result in game over and lead to an important reminder to the player that ”children are non-combatants,” and be taken to the last checkpoint reached.

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If players for whatever reason continue shooting the baby, the title will take you to an alternative screen that reads “are you serious?” before removing you from the campaign back to the map mission screen.

You do not get to see the baby being shot as the screen fades to black and is censored as soon as you pull the trigger, interestingly, however, other incidents such as civilian casualties and the killing of the mother are not.

The main question, however, from all this is what would possess you to do such a thing in the first place....never mind repeatedly?

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