Ranking the 10 funniest football club names on the planet


Let's be honest, we've all agonised over the names we've used for our Fantasy football teams at some point in time.

It's an unwritten competition within a competition - having the best name in your mini-league is a win all in itself.

Who hasn't scrolled through the leaderboards to have a good laugh at some of the witty brilliance players come up with every year?

However, while naming our fictitious squads is nothing more than banter, there are some real-life football clubs that have taken it to the next step.

Brief research suggests that there are some staggering names for clubs from all over the world, so, here at GIVEMESPORT, we decided to rank the ten silliest, funniest names we could find.


10. Deportivo Morón (Argentina)


Moron currently play in the Argentine third division and, while their football might not be terribly noteworthy, their name is an absolute banger.

Viva Morons!

9. Union of Invincible Eleven & Majestic Sports Association (Liberia)

Can't fault their confidence,  can you?

With alumni like George Weah however - who played for Union of Invincible Eleven & Majestic Sports Association in 1986 - the Liberians possess quite a bit of history.

The biggest problem they face is that Union of Invincible Eleven and Majestic Sports Association doesn't exactly fit well into crowd chants. 

8. Club The Strongest (Bolivia)

The Bolivians changed from 'The Strongest Football Club' to simply 'The Strongest' in 1908 - a marketing masterclass if you ask us.

7. Botswana Meat Commission (Botswana)


The semi-arid southern African nation is obviously rather proud of its beef exports and is a hotbed for marvellously comedic club names.

While the Meat Commission - named after a series of abattoirs - is the best of the lot, honourable mentions do go to Naughty Boys FC and Golden Bush.

6. Accra Hearts of Oak (Ghana)

Imagine drawing the Hearts of Oak in a cup tie? Just pack it in and forfeit on the spot because it sounds like those lads don't mess about.

Hearts of Oak are from Accra - as you'd expect - and are the oldest club in Ghana.

5. Club Always Ready (Bolivia)


Another Bolivian entry.

Club Always Ready is one of Bolivia's biggest clubs and have been around since 1933.

Just imagine the standard of the banter if Martin Tyler were ever to commentate on one of their games. 


4. Anti Drugs Strikers FC (Sierra Leone)

Wow. Just wow.

Football has sadly been put on hold in Sierra Leone due to political upheaval within the games' governing body but as soon as it returns, just give the Anti-Drugs boys all the available silverware.

3. Triangle United FC (Zimbabwe)

The Zimbabwean club comes in at number three simply because their nickname is 'The Sugar Sugar Boys'


2. Chicken Inn FC (Zimbabwe)

Another Zimbabwean club, Chicken Inn FC were domestic champions in 2015.

They are named after one of the biggest fast-food chains in the country and, just when you thought it couldn't get any better, their nickname is 'The Gamecocks' and their slogan is 'Luv dat Chicken'.

Up the Gamecocks!

1. Cape Coast Mysterious Ebusua Dwarfs (Ghana)

Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

The Ebusua Dwarfs are a Ghanian team founded way back in 1939. They were handed a temporary ban earlier this year after their fans assaulted match officials and players from Hearts of Oak.

In other words, the Dwarfs physically assaulted the Hearts of Oak - you can't make this stuff up.

Above is their team of the decade - just because we thought you might like to know.

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