Brock Lesnar beats Cain Velasquez in just two minutes at WWE Crown Jewel

Brock Lesnar leaves Crown Jewel as WWE Champion

Brock Lesnar was seeking revenge at Crown Jewel on a long-time nemesis who conquered him nine years ago.

However it would be the Beast Incarnate who would be doing the conquering in Riyadh tonight.

When former UFC heavyweight champion of the world Cain Velasquez appeared on SmackDown's first episode of FOX alongside Rey Mysterio, Lesnar looked as though he'd seen a ghost.

That ghost had KO'd him way back in October 2010 for the UFC title, and that was the beginning of the end for Brock's first stint in MMA.

Fast forward to 2019 though, and their paths would cross once again in the world of sports entertainment.

Some would call it unfair that Velasquez got a WWE Championship opportunity without competing in a match, but FOX and Saudi Arabia money dictates in this instance.

Cain Velasquez's challenge for the WWE Championship lasted just two minutes

Cain hasn't looked too impressive when he's gotten physical, including with Shelton Benjamin last week on Raw, so many were intrigued as to how he would be portrayed at Crown Jewel.

In reality, we didn't get to see a lot.

The match only lasted two minutes, and whilst Cain got a couple of strikes in, he was put away in quick fashion by Lesnar thanks to a Kimura lock.

There was no sign of the wrestling skills that were on display in his matches for Lucha Libre AAA, and with the post-match angle with Mysterio beating Lesnar with a chair, it looks like we may get Rey v Brock next.

The positive is that WWE have plenty of time to build Cain up as a big attraction, despite this loss, as he's signed to a three-year deal.

But this wasn't a great start to his in-ring career with WWE at all - through no fault of his own.

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