Video of Cristiano Ronaldo's worst dives in the wake of Juventus-Genoa incident

Real Madrid v AC Milan - UEFA Champions League

Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of diving during Juventus' 2-1 win over Genoa on Wednesday.

The Portuguese won a late penalty for the Old Lady, which he later converted, under a challenge from Antonio Sanabria that didn't seem to warrant the dramatic reaction it was met with.

There was undoubtedly contact and simulation in football is ultimately subjective, but it wasn't a good look for the Juventus striker who has been linked with diving throughout his career.

It was a reputation he earned during his early days at Manchester United, where a combination of his smaller frame and the physicality of the Premier League sent him to ground on a regular basis.

Ronaldo admitted it himself after his first season in England, saying: "Perhaps it's true if the manager says I'm a better player this season because I don't play-act as much.

Ronaldo accused of diving

"Football in this country is more physical than it is in Portugal, but now I'm in my second season I know the way things are.

"I've adapted and I'm a superior player to when I arrived. I think things will continue to improve naturally."

Now that Ronaldo has matured both mentally and physically, such accusations are fewer and farther between but there have still been plenty of cringe-worthy moments over the years.


Ronaldo's worst career dives

Ronaldo is often slapped with some harsh labelling - most notably surrounding his apparent arrogance - but he doesn't exactly help his case with instances of borderline acting.

And in light of the recent example in the Serie A, we've decided to look back on those past incidents and YouTuber 'Solo Rider' kindly compiled some of the worst in January 2018.

From holding his face when he was never even touched there to making Frank Lampard laugh with his acting, Ronaldo certainly wouldn't watch this montage with any semblance of pride.

Check out the full video down below:

Oh come on, Cristiano.

When you're one of the greatest footballers in history, there is no need to devolve to what is essentially cheating and some of those examples make you want to face-palm.

Perhaps the finest clip is the incident with Ignazio Abate at AC Milan, where the policeman-like reaction of Gennaro Gattuso came across like a generational clash. 

Barcelona v Real Madrid - La Liga

Meanwhile, Ronaldo seemed to be tackled by a ghost during the 2006 World Cup tie with Germany and hit by an invisible sniper before Gareth Bale scored against Espanyol.

It's nothing to stain Ronaldo's reputation and these incidents are now incredibly rare but, come on, these weren't your finest moments, Cristiano.

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