Natalya and Lacey Evans give emotional reactions to their historic match at WWE Crown Jewel


Natalya and Lacey Evans made history at WWE Crown Jewel by having the first-ever women's match in Saudi Arabia.

Natalya defeated Lacey Evans in the singles match at Crown Jewel that was only announced by WWE earlier this week.

It was the first-ever women's match to take place in Saudi Arabia, with both women wearing bodysuits and large t-shirts in order to respect the kingdom's culture.

Throughout the match, the women received 'This is Awesome' chants from the crowd and they also embraced other women who were ringside after the match had concluded.

Both Natalya and Evans posted their reactions to their match at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on social media.

The Queen of Harts tweeted: "I’d been dreaming of this moment for a long time and tonight was for every girl and every woman who has had a dream.

"Tonight proved dreams do come true and we can make this world a better place together❤️"

The Sassy Southern Belle said on her Instagram: "As a woman, a mother, and a sports Entertainer...this night will be one of my most proud and motivating moments.

"All I've ever wanted to do my whole life is show the world what is possible if you work hard and never stop trying.

"This door is open and I couldn't have been beside a better leader to help make this possible.❤ @natbynature @WWE #WeCanDoIt #WWECrownJewel #ThankYou"

The hope now is when WWE visits Saudi Arabia again for more events, more women's matches will be able to take place on the card.


Despite a small portion of people at Crown Jewel not giving the women wrestling a warm reception, the overwhelming reaction to the match was positive as evident by the 'this is awesome' chants.

Fingers crossed WWE will be able to book more women's matches for their Saudi Arabia shows in the future, possibly even more than just one match per card. Progress is being made.

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