The inside story of Arsenal's dressing room situation under Unai Emery

Unai Emery’s job is seriously under threat.

A lot was expected of the Spaniard in his second season at Arsenal but things haven’t gone to plan thus far.

Emery’s side have won just once in their last four games in all competitions and many Arsenal fans want to see him replaced.

But what exactly is going on behind-the-scenes at Arsenal?

The Independent have published a detailed report highlighting ‘What’s really going on at Arsenal’.

Miguel Delaney writes that it would be wrong to say that Emery has lost the dressing room.

Many of the players like him as a person and many of those regularly playing support him as a manager. 

However there is a feeling that he’s ‘losing that changing room bit by bit’ and some of the more senior players are ‘just not having’ Emery.

His doubters in the dressing room are not convinced of his tactics.

There is a feeling that Emery doesn’t want to work on the squad’s weaknesses.

Many of the players also feel that too much changes from game to game.

Emery’s training sessions are said to be immensely detailed but that has affected the team’s consistency on match days.

It’s also said that there is a lack of clarity and assertiveness, including on the line-ups, the delivery of instructions and how they’re supposed to be playing.

A part of the problem is Emery’s English.

The Spaniard had a problem communicating to his players at Paris Saint-Germain. His players struggled to understand what he was saying.

And now Arsenal’s players are having the exact same problem.

The report also claims that, in the words of one of their sources, some players now ‘mercilessly take the piss out of’ Emery.

Many players at the club now openly do impressions of Unai Emery, in a way that is a lot more cynical than the light-hearted ‘good ebening’ internet memes.

And there have also been doubts over how he has recently dealt with the whole Granit Xhaka situation.

Emery insisted Xhaka should give an apology after telling the fans to ‘f*** off’, but the Swiss star was reluctant to do so.

Xhaka eventually gave a half-hearted apology on Thursday but many felt Emery could have been more assertive.

Emery also said that he was “upset, devastated and sad” but some dispute those claims.

It seems Emery has a lot of problems inside the dressing room. He’s still the boss at Arsenal for now, but for how much longer remains to be seen. 

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