Jenson Button reveals the huge bonuses available in Formula One

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Jenson Button has answered questions surrounding Formula One bonuses and salaries in his new book 'How To Be An F1 Driver: My Guide To Life In The Fast Lane'.

Button, a world champion himself back in 2009, has lifted the lid on some of the financial matters in F1, which no doubt fans will love to know.

Mercedes are poised to cash in a large sum from the FIA for winning a sixth consecutive Contructors’ Championship, but, according to Button, Lewis Hamilton isn't guaranteed his bonus for winning the Drivers’ Championship.

“It’s the Constructors’ Championship that’s worth the big bucks because that’s when the team gets the large payout – €100m (£86.1m) or something – from the FIA, and you can buy a lot of team-branded polo shirts with that," Button wrote, as per PlanetF1.

With regards to driver bonuses for outright winning the World Drivers' Championship, Button added: “The funny thing, though, is that you don’t normally get a bonus for winning a Drivers’ Championship."

However, he did reveal that there are huge bonuses for some drivers just for winning single races.

“Some drivers will earn a $1million (£773,000) bonus if they win a race. Just one race."

It is interesting to see the magnitude of money going to constructors and drivers.

Button is willing to defend this notion, and commented: “It’s the same as in football, where players are paid more than the people who manage them, the inverse of just about every other situation in life.

"Someone like Lewis is not only the highest paid person in the team, but also probably the highest paid person in the whole of Daimler AG, Mercedes’ parent company.

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“Even the CEO isn’t going to be on the kind of money Lewis gets paid.

“Still, you have too remember the earning window is much smaller.

“For the first few years you have to prove yourself, after which you probably have 10 years of earning good money and you could maybe push it for a few after that.

“And then? Well you better find some other way of earning a crust.”

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Hamilton, who is going for his sixth Drivers’ World Championship on Sunday at the American Grand Prix, has also confirmed during race week that he is keen to carry on and prove his abilities over the next few years.

Fans and commentators are predicting that he will stay and try and equal Michael Schumacher’s record of seven world titles.

Button's revelations may or may not come as a shock given the money associated with F1, but it certainly shows the next generation of drivers what could be ahead, if they make it to the very top.

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