Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen’s opinions on the new 2021 F1 cars


The new 2021 regulations were revealed by Liberty Media on Thursday in a press conference in Austin.

New technical, sporting and financial rules will be introduced to try to make racing closer and more dramatic.

A new design of the 2021 cars was presented in that press conference, with mixed reactions from fans, some saying that the new car looks amazing, with others disagreeing.

Formula One sporting director Ross Brawn said: “From 2016 to 2017 there was a huge increase in downforce. It was a case of 'let's make the cars go faster, let's make F1 better'.

"But what we actually did was make it worse, because the cars can't race each other.

“It's not what we want.

“So, we'll see in the end of the day. No matter how the cars look, if the racing is better for us, if it's more fun, then that's a win"

For Max Verstappen, the way the car looks doesn’t mean anything, and he is more concerned with race-ability, saying: “The main target is race-ability.

“I didn't really enjoy driving the cars as much back then as I do now. Of course, we have to find a middle way in terms of following and stuff like that, and the cars will improve throughout the season.”

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Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel agrees with Verstappen about the new cars, and said: “The cars are more spectacular now, and have been since 2017. Before that, I think it was quite slow. Now, we know what these cars can do. It is more exciting.

“The wrong direction, in my point of view, is that the cars are so heavy which is obviously related to some of the safety measures, but I think everybody accepts that.

“Obviously, on paper, the ideas are always great. But I think it will materialise a little bit more in the coming weeks.”

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