Formula One cars will be '3-3.5 seconds slower per lap' in 2021

F1 Grand Prix of USA - Previews

Formula One fans have had the chance to look at the new vehicle regulations for 2021, with cars now "3 to 3.5 seconds slower per lap" as they aim to improve raceability. 

New car designs were revealed by Liberty Media and the FIA ahead of the United States Grand Prix this weekend, with the plans being unanimously approved by all involved parties.

This change shows an acknowledgment by F1 that prioritising speed over passing was a mistake as a sport-altering change is not so far away.

The new changes are expected to make races a lot more balanced, with the racing organisation noting that they want a sport that is more dependant on the way that a team spends their money instead of how much they spend.

FIA's 'Head of Single Seater Matters' Nikolas Tombazis reveals that despite the futuristic feel, the speed will be very much slower than the vehicles used currently.

However, he feels the quality of the race will be far better.

"We are expecting cars to be 3 - 3.5 seconds slower per lap," he told Autosport.

"But we don't think that is the key parameter of the spectacle. We feel the raceability is the main target.

"We haven't been focusing on exact level of performance.

F1 Grand Prix of USA - Previews

"But even the car that has been developed in CFD and developed in the wind tunnel has already got a respectable amount of performance."

F1 sporting boss Ross Brawn has admitted that a mistake was made when they decided to prioritise speed over passing back in 2017, and thinks the new 2021 design fixes that problem.

"These cars from 2016 to 2017 had a huge increase in downforce, and is worth thinking back on that experience because it was done for reasons I don't understand," said Brawn.

"The huge increase in downforce was 'let's make the cars go faster, let's make F1 better.

"The cars are very quick now but they are not raceable."

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