Mario Balotelli stormed off the pitch and kicked the ball into the stands after suffering racist abuse

Hellas Verona v Brescia Calcio - Serie A

2019 has not been a good year for football.

The ugly spectre of racism that has hovered over the game for so long has well and truly come to life over the last few months.

While there have have been sporadic incidents for years, it seems that something awful has sparked in 2019 - and now it is everywhere.

Balotelli did not take too kindly to the abuse being hurled his way as he picked up the ball and volleyed it in the direction of the offending group of fans.

Balotelli was enraged and refused to listen to anyone as they tried to calm him down.

The striker then tried to leave the field forcing a brief suspension in the game as a statement was read put to fans. 

In the end, Balotelli's teammates were able to convince him to continue with the game.

Incredibly, having been convinced to continue on playing, Balotelli would go on to score in the 85th minute.

Hellas Verona v Brescia Calcio - Serie A

It was quite the screamer, too, as he curled it into the top corner to remind everyone just what he is capable of.

How to silence an idiot 101.

Unfortunately, Brescia would still succumb to defeat but Balotelli's message has been heard loud and clear.

There simply is no place for that kind of behaviour in football and it has to stop.

Enough is enough.

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