Craig Dawson’s yellow card in Watford vs Chelsea was so ridiculous that it’s now gone viral

Craig Dawson appeared to make a perfect tackle.

Some feel the art of tackling is leaving the game and being replaced by, effectively, a limited-contact sport.

And nothing showcased those feelings better than Craig Dawson's 'foul' against Chelsea on Saturday.

As Emerson Palmieri strode forward with the ball, Watford struggled to stop him.

He drove through two tackles and crossed the halfway line where Dawson was waiting for him.

In came what most would describe as a picture-perfect tackle as the Watford defender took the ball and stopped Emerson in his tracks.

Only referee Anthony Taylor saw things completely differently, it seems, and he called things back for both a foul and a yellow card.

Dawson wasn't high, certainly got the ball first, and there were no 'afters' - it's difficult to see why it would even be a foul, let alone a caution.

You can judge for yourself in the video below:

Taylor must have had a blocked view, surely? You'd have to hope so - we can't be outlawing tackles like this.

Needless to say, fan reaction to the decision was overwhelmingly negative with plenty fearing for the future of tackling.

Fans didn't like the decision at all.

"Might as well ban tackling altogether if that's a foul", said one Tweet. "It’s a tackle I'd show to kids learning how to tackle," said another.

Then came the classic "Games gone if that’s even a free-kick let alone a yellow."

Dawson was booked for his tackle.

One fan asked for the card to be overturned - and they've got a point.

That now counts towards Dawson's tally for the season, potentially resulting in a suspension if he gets too many.

So why can't it be rescinded? It's not like Dawson did anything wrong, unless he's supposed to allow Emerson to keep running through.

It was a brilliant tackle, at the end of the day, and he should be commended for it - not punished.

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