Alberto Moreno's ridiculous clearance for Villarreal vs Espanyol has gone viral

Alberto Moreno has gone viral for the right reasons.

Alberto Moreno - one of football's greatest enigmas.

The left-back joined Liverpool in 2014 after some real success with hometown-club Sevilla but things quickly turned sour.

Moreno grew a reputation as the poster-boy for bad defending after a series of bizarre mistakes.

The pinnacle perhaps came in the 2016 Europa League final as Moreno effectively turned the game around for his old side in just a few second-half minutes.

But it was far more than just one game - Moreno performed stupid mistakes over serveral years for Liverpool.

He finally left in the summer, however, as he joined Villarreal on a free transfer.

And how is he doing? Well, as a viral video proved on Sunday, he's still producing bizarre moments.

Although this one was positive, for a nice change of pace.

As Villarreal played Espanyol on October 20th, Moreno was called into action to clear the ball and stop a counter-attack.

Moreno pulled of a bizarre clearance.

But the Spaniard fell over as he walked backwards and was completely upside-down when the ball reached him.

And so Moreno improvises and, somehow, still manages to clear the ball with his feet.

You can check it out below:

It's essentially the most Moreno way to complete a clearance - although, some would argue that the fact it stopped an attack means it's not very Moreno at all.

Safe to say that he hasn't changed all that much since he returned to his homeland and equally safe to say that Moreno isn't missed at Liverpool.

But he still has a unique ability to perform the weird and wonderful on a football pitch - even when he's doing things right.

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