Seamus Coleman spent 5 minutes in the dressing room consoling Son after Andre Gomes injury

Son was distraught after Gomes's injury.

Everton and Tottenham Hotspur drew 1-1 on Sunday after a dramatic late equaliser from Cenk Tosun.

But no one was talking about it afterwards after a horrific injury to Toffees midfielder Andre Gomes.

A fairly innocuous challenge caused it - Son Heung-Min tripped Gomes but he fell into the onrushing Serge Aurier.

Gomes's foot was then caught under the Ivorian's, leading to what looks like an appalling leg break.

Son was distraught afterwards, tearing up as he was sent-off for his part in it, while Aurier was visibly upset, too.

"He was in shock. His eyes were open so big," Tosun said of the scene. "He was crying, shouting and screaming.

"I just tried to hold him and speak to him; I tried to tell him to stay calm. We couldn’t understand him. He was the one who had got the injury."

Son, who clearly didn't mean to hurt Gomes, received plenty of support from fans after his reaction to the incident.

One man went out of his way to help him out, however, and it would have meant more than most.

Son tripped Gomes but didn't mean to cause any injury.

Everton captain Seamus Coleman went into the Spurs dressing room afterwards and spent five minutes assuring Son that it wasn't his fault, according to the Daily Mail.

Coleman suffered an equally-horrific injury of his own back in March 2017 when playing for Ireland.

There were doubts that the Irishman would even make it back to playing at the professional level but he has, of course.

Coleman suffered an equally terrible injury back in March 2017.

You've got to imagine that helps Son at a time where he must feel responsible for endangering a fellow professionals career.

Really though, Gomes is the one who should look at Coleman and take solace.

His teammate has been through the same thing and returned to the top level.

Fingers crossed Gomes can do the same.

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