All Grand Theft Auto games ranked from best to worst


In 1997, Mike Dailly and David Jones brought to our screens the first Grand Theft Auto.

Twenty two years on and we have had a plethora of car-stealing, bank-robbing, online-racing action.

With as many as five games and a few spin-offs, GTA has established itself as one of the biggest titles in the gaming industry.

Over the years, the game has been applicable with the classic Game Boy Color, PlayStation, Xbox and even, in some circumstances, iOS and Android.

The series has become the fourth most successful franchise in gaming history behind only Tetris and Nintendo’s Pokémon and Mario series.

In total, the franchise has sold over 235 million copies of the game, with its most recent GTA V proving the most successful with over 100 million copies sold.

However, despite being the most successful, GTA V isn’t considered to be the pick of the bunch.

At least, not according to Chaos, otherwise known as the ‘Top 10 Guy’.

The influencer has over 455,000 followers on Twitter and has 2.7 million followers on YouTube. On the latter platform, he predominantly uploads montage, gaming and ranking videos.

In his latest video released on his Twitter, he uploaded a ranking system for all 14 GTA games. The categories were: Never Played, Average, Just Solid, Super Solid and Life Changing.

Straight to the top was San Andreas, which is widely considered to be the best amongst fans.

Released in 2004, the game is the second-most bought one of the entire series. Many fans have called for a remake of the original.

Also in the ‘Life Changing’ category was Vice City and GTA IV.


The latter caused quite some controversy in the comments, with many not agreeing with the YouTuber’s decision to put number four above number five.

Chaos placed the most recent edition in the ‘Super Solid’ category, which left many of his viewers disappointed and shocked.

The newest edition has, by some margin, the best and most creative modes to play online. Of the main series, he voted GTA 2 as the worst game he has experienced which many viewers agreed with.

The list comes soon after rumours emerged that GTA VI is well in the works and could be brought to our consoles in 2021.

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