Polish MMA promotion stage YouTube UFC fight between Marek Kruszel and 'Mini Majk'


If you thought KSI vs Logan Paul would be the most bizarre fight you would see this week, think again.

A Polish MMA promotion company hosted a quite unbelievable fight between an 18-year-old 'Disco Polo Star' and a dwarf influencer.

In fifth show at Gdańsk, Poland Fame MMA pitted Marek Kruszel against Mateusz Krzyżanowski, aka 'Mini Majk'.

The appropriately named fighter has a YouTube channel with 856,000 subscribers where he uploads vlogging style content.

His much taller opponent for the fight uploads similar content, but also had Krzyżanowski beat on his subscriber count. Kruszel’s channel named ‘Kruszwil’ has over 1.1 million subscribers.

The weigh-in between the two YouTube stars brought in an audience of 1.3 million. The photos that circulated Twitter from the weigh-in caused some debate. Many believed that it was cruel, especially when the hosts pulled out a chair for Mini Majk to stand on, just so he could be seen in Kruszel’s line of vision.

Despite the huge difference in height, Mini Majk put up a great fight, landing some good punches and solid kicks to his opponent.

There was one moment in which the smaller man actually managed to catch his opponent in the face. The stretch stunned Kruszel whose legs wobbled for a second.

Given the obvious disadvantage, the influencer threw a tremendous amount of body shots and attempted to take the fight to the floor where he could be of greater danger.

In turn, though, the height proved all too much for him. Kruszel kept his distance well and used his range. He swung his arms in a rotating motion to try and catch his opponent on the chin. In one particular moment, Kruszel attempted to throw a kick at Mini Majk who caught it mid-air. As he looked to capitalise, the taller man simply threw out his arm that caught the underdog right on the nose.

Ultimately, the clear favourite won the fight. After, the two shared a nice moment in the changing rooms and uploaded a friendly photo to their Instagram accounts.

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