Cesc Fabregas calls out talkSPORT radio presenter for claiming Arsenal’s Invincibles were 'useless'

Cesc Fabregas has hit out at a talkSPORT radio host who claimed that Arsenal‘s ‘Invincibles’ were overrated and ‘underachievers’.

Adrian Durham also questioned whether Dennis Bergkamp was ‘really that good’ and failed to name the legend in his top five Dutch Premier League players.

“If Bergkamp was really that good, why didn’t Arsenal win the Champions League or back-to-back titles?” the radio host asked. 

“He never scored 20 goals in a season in the Premier League for Arsenal. And he was there for 10 years. That’s not good.”

Pretty brutal, right? Well, the discussion went even further, when Durham later claimed Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ squad was useless. 

“In training [the players] had to stand still and applaud. Any wonder Arsenal couldn’t win back-to-back titles or Champions Leagues when they’re standing there clapping in training? 

“Useless, the lot of you. Underachievers.”

You can watch the full clip of Durham’s ridiculous claims below: 

The comments caused a huge uproar on social media after they were shared by talkSPORT and even Fabregas – who was part of that Arsenal team – has responded. 

“Is this guy serious? Lost the plot big time there,” he tweeted. 

“If you don’t think Bergkamp was that good, then you don’t understand this sport at all.”

Fabregas is certainly well placed to weigh in on the debate, given he was teammates with Bergkamp for three seasons. 

He was also part of the Invincibles squad, so no doubt takes some offense to Durham’s comments. 

The midfielder’s response was echoed by plenty of others on Twitter too – including other Arsenal club legends. 

Ray Parlour suggested Bergkamp was a ‘genius’ and arguably the Gunners’ greatest ever player, while Martin Keown said Durham ‘clearly doesn’t know anything about football’. 

Even Jamie O’Hara, who was co-hosting the show, said his fellow presenter was ‘clutching at straws’. 

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