Gamer lists the top 10 most hated maps in Call of Duty history


Call of Duty is a mega franchise that has millions of fans across the globe.

It has been going for 16 years with 17 main series games created in that time.

Published by Activision and developed by Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward and Treyarch - Call of Duty was a pioneer of online sports gaming and is still just as popular today. 

However, some things in the game create anger and displeasure. One of the most contentious issues surrounding the game are maps - often a game can be ruined by a map selection.

Chaos is a large YouTuber who creates lists of ‘top 10s’ in many different areas of entertainment including; Fortnite, Nintendo games, movies and characters within series.

He has over two million subscribers and posts very regularly.

On October 20, he released a new video titled: “Top 10 Most HATED Maps in COD History,” which currently has more than 125,000 views and 4,000 likes.

In this video, Chaos details which Call of Duty maps were the most despised by the community and goes into detail for the reasons why.

Mostly his reasoning consists of maps being too big or having too many areas for “campers”.


Below is a list of which maps he ranks from 1-10, although the video is also available on the page if you wish to view it.

10: Drone - Black Ops 2

9: USS Texas - World War 2

8: Free Fall - Ghosts

7: Carentan - World War 2

6: Gustav Cannon - World War 2

5: Bloc - Call of Duty 4

4: Downturn - Modern Warfare 3

3: Aftermath - Black Ops 2

2: Exodus - Black Ops 3

1: Stonehaven - Ghosts

With three games in the top 10, World War 2 is clearly not a favourite for this fan in particular.

However, Ghosts takes top spot with the map Stonehaven. Ghosts itself was the only standalone instalment in the franchise and was developed by Treyarch alone.

Call of Duty released their mobile game on October 1 and will be hoping none of those maps make it into a negative Chaos list anytime soon.

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