Call of Duty developer listens to cries of fans and releases first patch


Call of Duty has run into issues with the balancing of its game - as players will attest to.

However, some of the problems may have been fixed by developer Infinity Ward, who heard the cries of fans.

In the game’s first significant patch since release, the company have made a few changes.

Perhaps the most significant change - for the players that is - is that ‘battlechatter’ has been removed from the one-life modes.

Operators won’t yell “CONTACT” any longer, which means that your position is less likely to be given away.

It was devised to help the players become more aware when they were near an enemy, but in truth, it just meant that you ended up being killed.

The noise was one of the major resolutions in the patch, with footsteps now becoming much quieter and allowing for things like walls to filter out noise.

These improvements mean that players are less likely to be detected by opponents before they usually would.

Another focus was to change how stun grenades work. They will now disable claymores for a short period - which is welcome to help sieve out some of the campers that currently run riot in the game.

If you want to see a detailed overview of the patch from Infinity Ward, check out their Reddit here.

Currently, 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' is on course to become one of the best-selling games in the franchise and is the fastest-selling game of the current console generation. A remarkable feat considering it was only released on October 25.

The game has received many positive reviews from different sources, including 82% on Metacritic. It also managed to obtain four out of five from TechRadar and Trusted Reviews.

Modern Warfare is the newest edition of a game that has been running for 16 years and produced 16 other titles.

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