Nicklas Bendtner called Arsene Wenger an 'a**hole' and 'w***er' after blocking his Crystal Palace transfer


Nicklas Bendtner once branded Arsene Wenger an 'a**hole and a 'w***er' in a furious telephone call after the former Arsenal manager blocked his transfer to Crystal Palace in 2013.

The striker was set to move across London for 'serious money' on deadline day but was forced to stay at the Emirates after his boss couldn't find a replacement. 

That's despite Bendtner falling out of favour and playing the previous two seasons on-loan at Sunderland and Juventus

In his new book, the 31-year-old detailed how his transfer fell through at the 11th hour. 

"The more we approach 23:59 on Monday, September 2, 2013, the more the clubs will raise their bids. The most desperate will," Bendtner wrote. 

"If I have to leave a top club in favour of a promoted club, I have to feel wanted with a lot more than words. Serious money is needed.

"When the transfer window slams in a few hours, it finally happens. On September 3rd at 00.00 I will no longer be Arsenal player. All that's missing right now is a signature from Arsene Wenger." 

But the signature never came. 

Wenger never signed off on the deal

"It's been the evening of my last day as Arsenal player. I'm sitting at The Westbury, my favorite hotel in London, waiting for the fax with Wenger's signature," the striker continues.

"The clock has rounded 20 as Wenger rings. He goes straight to the case. 'It doesn't matter to your move,' he says.

"'We haven't been able to buy the striker we wanted. So now you have to be a backup. It will be your job next year.'" 

Wenger forced Bendtner to play back-up instead

Pretty savage from Wenger right? Well, Bendtner's response was even worse.  

"I hang up. Looking at Tom [his agent], who shrugs. Then I call back. Saying a lot of ugly, disrespectful things. Like 'a**hole' and 'w***er.'

"'We don't like each other anymore' I finish my snapping. "'It will be best for everyone to part ways.'" I'm really trying to free myself.

"'Yes okay, it's very possible,' Wenger replies with his thick French accent. 'But it's not going to happen. See you for training.'" 

Bendtner exploded down the phone

Pretty explosive indeed - how disrespectful can you get?

Despite feeling bitter over his failed transfer, Bendtner also wrote that he returned to Arsenal the next morning to apologise to Wenger, who agreed to forget the incident and move forward.

Yet, things were never going to be the same after that and the striker left London permanently the following summer.  

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