Radio commentator delivers brilliant play-by-play of a cat interrupting Cowboys vs Giants

An NFL radio commentator has gone viral after his perfect commentary of a black cat intruding on the field during the Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants game on Monday Night.

The Cowboys faced the Giants in an NFC East showdown on Monday Night Football this week in a game both teams desperately needed to win.

However, during the second quarter, the only thing people who were watching the game were talking about on social media was the cat that was running across the field.

The cat delayed the game for a couple of minutes while security at MetLife Stadium tried to capture/usher the feline off the field.

The cat caught the attention of the ESPN cameras, who followed it around the field until it disappeared into the stands.

Every single action of the feline on the field was perfectly described by Westwood One radio’s Kevin Harlan, who even became extra excited when the cat found its way into the endzone for a touchdown.

Harlan described the cat’s elusiveness as being similar to Giants’ running back Saquon Barkley and Cowboys’ running back Ezekiel Elliott.

He even managed to squeeze in a sponsorship read into his commentary as the black cat was approaching the endzone. Fingers crossed the cat is okay as it looked frightened.

The black cat would end up being a late Halloween trick for the Giants, as they would go on to lose the game by multiple scores.

Despite the final score being 37-18 to the Cowboys, the cat running around on the field during the second quarter was arguably the biggest and most memorable play of the game.

Cowboys’ Elliott finished with 139 yards after 23 carries, while quarterback Dak Prescott went 22-of-35 passing for 257 yards, three touchdowns and an interception.

Giants’ Barkley had only 28 yards off 14 carries, but he also had six receptions for 68 yards. Daniel Jones went 26-of-41 passing for 210 yards, a touchdown, and an interception while also losing two fumbles.

However, the best performance on the field on the night was by the black cat, who rushed for 50 yards and a touchdown off a single carry!

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