Women's Sports: Sky Brown, the eleven-year-old who's skateboarding to inspire a generation


Sky Brown is a powerhouse and she’s only eleven. In September, the skateboarder won a bronze medal at the Skateboarding World Championship in São Paulo. And, as if being a medal-winning skateboarder isn't enough, she's a talented surfer too.

She was due to compete at last month's ANOC World Beach Games, but school came first and she had to pull out due to a clash. It goes to show that she might be the youngest athlete to be sponsored by Nike, but she still has to find time to learn. 

Next up for Brown is the Olympics. After her World Championship bronze, Brown will be seeded for upcoming qualification events. This means that if she takes part and stays fit and healthy she has basically qualified.

She would be the youngest person to compete for Team GB at a summer Olympic games and the second youngest British Olympian, behind figure skater Cecilia Colledge, who set the record in 1932, competing at the Winter Games in Lake Placid, aged 11 and 73 days. Sky will have just turned 12 when Tokyo 2020 starts.

Brown surely has a busier schedule than most eleven-year-olds, her typical day is jam-packed: "I wake up surf, go to school and then go and surf again or skate. I also hang with my friends." Fitting it in isn't a problem though. She says: "I like to be busy and active, I don’t watch much tv or go on a phone."

The fact that Brown doesn't really use her phone might be surprising to her 400,000 plus Instagram followers, however, her mum runs the account, leaving Sky free to skate, surf and study.

It looks like she's having the time of her life. Winning her first medal at the World Skateboarding Championships was, she says, "incredible". She adds: "All the girls are amazing and we had fun skating together." 


Brown's mother is Japanese and her father is British and Sky opted to compete for Team GB improving her chances of making the team – skateboarding is a big sport in Japan and the leading two athletes at this year's World Championship were both Japanese. 

Being part of Team GB is exciting, but even at her young age, Brown is already looking at the bigger picture: "I like being part of a country and representing the UK but I feel I also represent a bigger thing, I want to represent young girls."

Brown says: "I hope they see me do crazy stuff and feel like they can do it too. It doesn’t matter what just go for it." With an outlook like that, it's not just young girls she'll inspire.

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