Croatian semi-professional footballer sent off for killing a chicken

The most bizarre red card in football history was awarded on Saturday in Croatia.

Semi-professional player Ivan Gazdek managed to get himself sent off for NK Jelengrad against Jasenovac for killing a chicken.

Yes, we are being serious. The incident in northern Croatia is scarcely believable and a you can watch it in the video below.

Just a warning, the footage is pretty graphic and some readers may find it upsetting.


Gazdek can be seen jogging over to the flock of chickens, before booting one and then proceeding to throw the animal over a fence.

The 23-year-old told media after the game that the referee sent him off for ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ in the aftermath.

Trying to explain his actions, Gazdek told local news station 24 Sata: “Believe me, it was not intentional. The result was far from certain at that moment and I was nervous.

“Chickens are constantly entering the field, so the game must be stopped. The terrain is full of faeces, these are unhygienic conditions.

“I ran to the chickens a little to chase them away, I swung my foot and killed one by accident, f*** it.”

As per Daily Mail, Gazdek said the woman who owned the chicken did not protest against his actions, but the player has now sent her an apology note.

A truly crazy incident, but NK Jelengrad still went on to win the game 8-1, with Gazdek’s red card coming when his side were only 2-1 up.

Gazdek will reportedly receive no further punishment from his club.

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