Corey Graves blasts WWE superstars who were 'crying' on social media about Saudi Arabia

Corey Graves

WWE's problems following Crown Jewel have been well documented, but lots of rumours have done the rounds that have not been helpful at all.

The official line was that 'mechanical problems' to the chartered plane WWE were using to travel were the reason that they were grounded in Saudi Arabia.

That didn't stop the rumour mill going into overdrive though, with theories such as Vince McMahon getting into a dispute the Saudi government to the WWE stars being held against their will started spreading on social media.

Everyone ended up touching back down safely on American soil in the end though, with a select 20 superstars who were already advertised for SmackDown on Friday being the first to arrive, just as the show was about to end.

They were followed by the rest of the superstars and crew - some of whom had updated social media with what was going on, including the likes of Buddy Murphy and Andrade, who were critical of what had transpired.

SmackDown commentator Corey Graves has had his own take on the matter though, and he believes some superstars have made the whole situation worse than it actually was.

Corey Graves has aired his grievances with superstars who have complained about Saudi Arabia

“All these conspiracy theories that have been drawn up…and half of it comes from some of the boys that were on the plane," Graves told WWE's official podcast After The Bell, per Wrestle Talk.

If you are that insecure and you feel so strongly that you’re gonna get on Twitter and complain that our flight got screwed up, what’s Twitter gonna do?

"All it is is fuel for these ‘journalists', and then everyone puts their two cents in and starts coming up with their conspiracy theories.

“If you’re mad that your flight got delayed and you weren’t one of the Saudi 20, that’s on you. Quit crying about it on Twitter.

"You know who wasn’t complaining? Randy freakin’ Orton. If anyone has the cache and the right to speak his mind, it would be Randy Orton. He got it. It was about doing the damn show.”

Randy Orton was one of the only senior superstars to not complain about the situation in Saudi Arabia, according to Corey Graves

One has to wonder whether Graves' comments may light a fire under the superstars in question, and whether they'll have a problem with him expressing his opinion.

He was pretty critical in his assessment of the situation, and it's clear to see where Graves thinks the blame lies for all the gossip surrounding the nature of the delays.

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