Dave Meltzer slammed by Booker T as he's told the 'locker room doesn't respect him'

Booker T

The mood in the WWE locker room has apparently been slightly tetchy over the last week - no thanks to the majority of the roster's jaunt to Saudi Arabia.

Delays on the way back from Crown Jewel forced the SmackDown roster to no-show their event in Buffalo, meaning an NXT invasion had to happen.

Before Raw on Monday in Long Island, there was reportedly a meeting between WWE talent to try and raise the morale heading into the European tour, which was apparently directed by Seth Rollins.

The story was written by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, who has been covering wrestling for a number of years, but this version of events was strongly denied by Rollins, who told Fightful he didn't speak up once.

Seth Rollins launched a scathing attack on Dave Meltzer this week

Rollins tweeted Meltzer following Raw and called him a 'purveyor of misinformation at best', but when Meltzer further discussed the issue on Wrestling Observer Radio, Rollins fired back by telling him to stop pushing his 'bold faced lie'.

Meltzer has since apologised for the situation, but it hasn't stopped other WWE personnel sharing their thoughts on Meltzer.

When asked what 'the boys' - aka the locker room - think of Meltzer on the Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker responded by saying: "No, we don't respect Dave Meltzer, or his opinions or his reports.

Wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer has now been criticised by both Seth Rollins and Booker T this week

"Especially when 90 per cent of them aren't accurate, especially I would say 99.999 per cent of them that were written about me weren't accurate.

"I've never sat down and had a conversation with Dave Meltzer - where he gets his news and his sources from.

"I'm just one who's saying I don't value his opinion a whole lot. You have a consensus and ask a lot of the other guys and see what they say and they'll be in total agreement."

Damn - pretty scathing from the two-time WWE Hall of Famer.

Meltzer has been widely criticised from wrestling fans over the years, but when big-time WWE superstars start to get on your back, it creates a whole boat-load of other issues.

Let's hope this one fizzles out quickly before other superstars start to speak out...

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