Logan Paul is looking seriously stacked ahead of KSI rematch this weekend

Public Workout At Venice Beach Ahead Of KSI VS. Logan Paul 2

This Saturday will see Logan Paul and KSI take to the Staples Center for their long-awaited rematch.

Last year, the two YouTubers took to the ring in an amateur fight in the Manchester Arena and it ended in a majority draw, leaving fans wanting more and demanding a sequel.

After over a year they are finally set to go to war once again, but this time, it will be a professional fight. This means there will be no head guards, they will be wearing 10oz gloves and there is likely to be a knockout.

How has it been made a pro fight? Well, the involvement of Eddie Hearn has ensured that it headlines a card featuring British boxer Billy Joe Saunders.

Yes, KSI and Logan Paul are headlining a boxing card that has BJS on it. Madness.

Although the boxing purists are majorly against the event, even they would find it hard to disagree that it's bringing a lot of attention to the sport, and possibly bringing over a new wave of fans in the process.

KSI and Logan Paul both have millions of fans worldwide, and their fans are dedicated and loyal. What they do and where they go, their fans will support and follow.

To give credit to them both, they are taking this VERY seriously, and the proof you need to believe that is just how ridiculous Logan Paul is looking ahead of the fight.

See below a photo posted by his brother Jake.

If he doesn't look like a legit boxer, then who does?

In fact, Paul is looking so good, a lot of people have even accused him of taking steroids, something he responded to on his own official Twitter account.

You may not like the concept and you may not be supportive of the fact they are headlining a boxing event in the Staples Center, but by looking at his physique, you cannot say Logan Paul isn't working hard for it.

After all, he does have dreams of becoming a heavyweight champion and fighting in the UFC.

One thing is for sure, however, Logan Paul is ready. Let's just hope KSI is as well.

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