Punter dumped at Melbourne Cup moments before winning himself a massive $793,000

2019 Oaks Day

Many at yesterday's Melbourne Cup would have made small or large winnings, but none would have recovered from a loss quite like a man named Kenny.

The Cup's luckiest punter has revealed he was turned away by the woman he was with moments before netting himself a mammoth $800,000.

'Vow and Declare' was named the winner of the race, but despite Master of Reality finishing second, a guilty verdict of interference pushed it back to fourth, netting Kenny the big win from a $10 bet on a final four.

Speaking to SEN Radio, the man explained the bizarre circumstances around his victory.

"The girl I was out with said 'did you win?' I said 'I put those horses on, I don't know, I'll check later'," he said.

"She's pretty much told me 'listen, Kenny, I can't really feel it. This is not gonna go anywhere. I've got to get the five o'clock train'.

"I said 'ah well, yeah, no worries, thanks for being honest'."

As a people's man, Kenny said he spent the time after his win spoiling everyone and having a good time with his winnings, however, the woman he arrived with wasn't a part of those celebrations. 

"I'll be completely honest with you, I watched the race and I was not aware, I was completely oblivious. I thought at least the day's not over, I'll open up my account, there's still a couple of races to go at the majors.

2019 Oaks Day

"I opened up my account and started screaming ... I've just seen all these numbers and I'm speechless. I'm gasping. Oh my f'n god.

"Everyone in the restaurant on Southbank is looking at me like what's wrong with this clown. She said 'sit down, what are you doing, you're embarrassing me'. I said 'can you just read this for me?' and she's started screaming!

"I sent her packing. 'Listen, you better get your train'. I'm not joking either."

Kenny revealed his past problems with gambling, but was confident he would put the money to good use.

Despite his huge profit, Kenny also insisted he will remain in his job, and look to purchase a property on the Gold Coast with his fortune. 

Attending Oaks Day on Thursday afternoon, Kenny will no doubt be hoping for the same sort of luck.

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