Liverpool fan has created a Twitter thread 'exposing Man City fans as hypocrites'

Manchester City v Liverpool - Premier League

Liverpool and Manchester City fans don't get on right now.

The two north-west clubs have been pitted against each other for the last two seasons as the Premier League's finest teams and a new rivalry has formed as a consequence.

Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp? Mohamed Salah or Sergio Aguero? Alisson or Ederson? You could venture down a serious Twitter rabbit hole with everything the fans are debating.

And as the two leading clubs in England prepare for their clash at the weekend, one Liverpool fan has sought to draw a line under all the back and forth.

Twitter account @NabyKeixta opined that Liverpool supporters have been given a hard rep this season and wanted to turn the mirror on the very City fans that are pedalling it.

Twitter thread on Man City

The title of 'Exposing Man City fans as hypocrites' tells you everything you need to know and the series of tweets boasts 570 retweets and 2,000 'likes' at the time of writing.

If nothing else, the thread is incredibly thorough and focuses on debunking three myths: Liverpool have referees on their side, Liverpool players are divers and that Liverpool are simply lucky.

Part one: Referees

The Kopite highlighted Raheem Sterling and Sergio Aguero goals from last season which should have been given as offside, while also harking back to Vincent Kompany's brutal tackle on Salah.

And as for Liverpool getting preferential treatment? They referred to a Sadio Mane strike at the Emirates Stadium that was incorrectly flagged as offside.

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Part two: Diving

As part of the tweeter's disclaimer, they admitted that Liverpool can also be guilty of some of these crimes, but the video they compiled suggests City should be equally abashed.

Clips of both Sterling and Bernardo Silva, twice for each no less, suggest that some City players are equally worthy of diving allegations.

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Part three: Luck

The moment Mane headed home a late winner at Aston Villa, hundreds of rival fans bemoaned the Reds' apparent luck. Only, it seems pretty clear that you could make the same claim for City.

Scrappy, late wins against Feyenoord, Bristol City and Southampton (x2) were used to illustrate that Guardiola's men have also ridden their luck since 2018.

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So, is this Liverpool fan just backing his club and slagging off the other?

To be honest, absolutely not. In actual fact, this particular supporter has simply shone a light on the hypocrisy of certain fans who can get a little keyboard-happy during and after games.

The fact of the matter is that most top clubs are given favourable and unfavourable decisions, have players with a tendency to dive and, shock horror, enjoy a little fortune sometimes.