Man City's Nicolas Otamendi has Walter White & Tommy Shelby tattooed on his back

Man City's Otamendi is certainly a big fan of tattoos...

It's no secret: Footballers love their tattoos.

Unless it's James Milner or - more surprisingly - Cristiano Ronaldo, you'll be hard pushed to find a player without some form of ink on a body part.

Given the sheer volume of tattoos across the footballing world, there is a high chance of spotting some absolute clangers.

Step forward, Nicolas Otamendi. The Manchester City defender's ink can now be added to the 'Hall of Shame' after his tats were spotted by the Daily Mail following City's 1-1 draw with Atalanta.

The Argentine is clearly a big fan of popular television shows, because he has Breaking Bad's Walter White, Peaky Blinders' Tommy Shelby and others sprawled across his back.

You can have a look for yourself in the image below.

Otamendi's interesting tats

They're not poorly done, but you have to question anyone who decides to customise their body permanently with images of television characters.

Back in 2016, Otamendi told the Independent all about his love for tattoos.

“I started to let the beard grow at Valencia and I just liked it, so since then, it has become a big part of my personality, just like those tattoos," Otamendi said.

"People always ask me about them. I had my first done when I was 14 and each one has some significance to it. My brother and my children are on there, and the face of my grandfather too. Most are personal, but if I see a design which catches my eye, I will go for it.

Otamendi in action

“At the moment there is one I am looking at which will be football related, but I need to find the correct place to have it on my body.”

It's difficult to see where the free space will be to add a football related tattoo, Nicolas!

But if Otamendi wants tips on which football related tattoos to avoid, he should probably have a chat with his City teammate, Leroy Sane.

That's because the German has a giant portrait of him celebrating scoring against Monaco in 2017 on his back.

Sane's back tattoo

The big issue? City went on to lose that tie on away goals...

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