Bernd Leno's FIFA Ultimate Team features a frightening attack

Bernd Leno

In the past few weeks, a number of professional footballers' FIFA 20 Ultimate Teams have come to light.

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jadon Sancho's teams were strong, but they didn't compare to Samir Nasri's.

The French midfielder had a quite ridiculous full Icon team, as well as his own 99-rated personal player card.

Good luck to anyone that ever gets matched up with the current Anderlecht star.

FIFA fans have been lucky to play professional footballers in the past few months and now one Reddit user has had the pleasure of playing Arsenal star Bernd Leno.

So, who exactly does he have in his team?

This is what his team looks like, per Reddit user McStazza...

GK: Bernd Leno (99)

RB: Ricardo Pereira (82)

CB: Virgil van Dijk (90)

CB: Aymeric Laporte (87)

LB: Lucas Digne (83)

CDM: Fernandinho (87)

Fernandinho is in Bernd Leno's Ultimate Team

CM: Georginio Wijnaldum (84)

CM: Ruud Guillit (90)

CAM: Eusebio (91)

ST: Ronaldo (94)

ST: Cristiano Ronaldo (93)


That's a strange side.

Firstly, Leno clearly doesn't think too much of his Arsenal teammates on FIFA.

Other than himself he has six Premier League players, but not one of them play for Arsenal.

The centre of defence is great: Laporte and Van Dijk are the two best CB's in the Premier League.

But the full-backs are just strange. Digne and Pereira are both decent but, judging by the rest of his team, he could easily upgrade them.

Ronaldo Nazario is in Leno's Ultimate Team

However, even if you are able to get past his defence, you then have the tough task of trying to score against a 99-rated goalkeeper.

Having Wijnaldum in midfield instead of the likes of Pogba and Kevin De Bruyne is also a weird call.

But, just like Arsenal in real life, his team is very top heavy.

His front three are quite frankly scary. As soon as you see that attacking lineup you know you're going to concede goals.

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