Mario Balotelli slammed by his OWN FANS following racial abuse in Verona v Brescia

Balotelli in action for Brescia

There were yet more disgraceful scenes in Serie A last weekend.

Mario Balotelli was racially abused by a set of Verona 'fans' during their game with Brescia.

The Italian striker reacted by kicking the ball away and stormed off the pitch.

He was convinced to return and answered the idiots perfectly by scoring a cracking goal from 25 yards.

Balotelli has been supported by football fans across the world following the incident.

But it appears some of Brescia's own 'fans' don't support the behaviour of their player.

Brescia Ultras have released a quite disgraceful statement where they back Verona's fans instead of Balotelli.

“If Balotelli was not ready psychologically to face the Verona fanbase and, above all, such a delicate match in which our city and our coach – among the most beloved figures – was taking his final chance at saving his job, then he should’ve said so and left his place to someone less… irritable than him," Their statement read, per football-italia.

"None of us would’ve been upset if he had, quite the contrary…

Mario Balotelli in action vs Verona

“The personal declarations of one of the leaders of the Verona Curva cannot justify the witch-hunt sparked by the media and institutions in yet another attempt to criminalise and destroy the entire Ultras world.

“This does not mean that certain chants are legitimate or acceptable, but nor are all Verona fans racists and the Verona Curva some sort of KKK coven.

“Entire fanbases cannot be considered racist, but racism does exist and it is often used to create mass panic in public opinion. This unconventional language is used more and more by public and political figures, but of course nobody would think of banning them because of some code of ethics."

The Brescia Ultras then accused Balotelli of being 'arrogant'.

Mario Balotelli is consoled after racial abuse from Verona fans

“We have absolutely no doubts that Balotelli is to all intents Italian, and even a Bresciano, but the arrogance that he continually gives off is unjustifiable," the statement continues.

“The notorious ‘Balotellate’ antics are now all too well known. What matters more to us are the spirit of sacrifice, passion respect, motivation and sweating for the shirt, concepts that seem to be entirely unknown to him.

“We condemn any gesture or provocation that is clearly hostile and discriminatory, but, we also want to give our solidarity to those who once again saw their liberty destroyed. This time it wasn’t even by the authorities, who considered his behaviour not that serious, but by his own club.”

Absolutely shocking.

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